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Living nature – the source of human life

Living nature – the source of human life, it has everything for its existence. But people can't live, without interfering with wildlife.
The main factor of human influence on nature, industry, transport, construction and agriculture. The result can be great damage to the environment, which will adversely affect the whole of nature.
The nature conservancy is the measures aimed at human activity for the conservation and restoration of natural resources. Eco-conscious companies support the new materials and technologies, and new principles of life are becoming more and more popular in the world. For example, in Europe they are introduced at the legislative level. 
Since 2009, GreenPower is engaged in manufacturing pyrolysis environmentally friendly coal burning furnaces, drying systems for fast drying of technical wood and fireplace firewood.
GreenPower is a company dedicated to developing and producing environmentally friendly coal burning furnaces and equipment for processing different kinds of waste. The products of this company presents on the world market for the past more than 15 years, and developments are used for processing and recycling of not only waste of plant origin, but also chemical and solid waste.


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