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Waste wood

Timber is the cutting and felling of trees, it also included sanitary felling. After that, the trees are subjected to further processing. However, during these works receive a large amount of waste. This branch, leaves, shoots, twigs, stumps, roots, cuts, sawdust, debris from trees and stuff. As a result of further wood get plywood, matches, railway sleepers, veneer, various lumber. These materials make the furniture, houses, musical instruments, etc., and again waste: slabs, chips, sawdust, scraps, short pieces, shavings and more.
Most non-conforming materials may go for further processing. The technical way of processing depends on their size and structure.
There are several technologies of use of waste wood: getting fiberboard and particleboard, the green parts of the tree are for fertilizers, sawdust are processed into pellets and wastewater treatment from petroleum products.
The production of bio-fuel is a promising direction, since it is associated with the use of renewable resources for energy production. The company GreenPower produces equipment for production (without the use of binders) briquettes Pini-Kay, which is widely used: 

  • as a solid fuel in boilers, kilns, furnaces, etc.;
  • as raw materials for producing charcoal of a new generation during the pyrolysis of briquette in charcoal furnaces. 

Obtained in the process of production of fuel briquettes Pini-Kay or coal briquettes - Pini-coal correspond to all European Standards and do not require Certification.


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