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Types of environmental pollution

The global problem of our time is environmental pollution. We regularly hear about it from TV screens and read about it on websites. It is discussed in scientific circles and by lots of international organizations. The topic is the same - the fight against the deterioration of natural conditions. But, alas, apart from these discussions, little has changed...

From the moment of their appearance, people began to actively intervene in the natural processes of the Earth: they hunted animals, plowed up lands for agricultural purposes and expanded the territories for their living. And yet the industrial revolution of the last centuries marked a new wave of environmental pollution.

Scientists have identified the following types of environmental pollution:
Biological, physical, chemical and mechanical - pollution by garbage. Even the composition of the air on our planet is now heterogeneous and depends on the geographical location. We try to spend our vacation in the mountains or near the sea, away from industrial centers.

In order to prevent an environmental catastrophe, the fight against environmental pollution must become a priority. This is a problem of the international level, because nature has no boundaries. To prevent pollution, it is necessary to maximize waste recycling and comply with environmental safety standards. Financial gain can also be obtained. This method has proven its efficiency in some countries. For example, in Malaysia or Indonesia, where GreenPower has placed smoke-free charcoal kilns for processing various nutshells.


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