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Environmental Protection - Science Synthesis

What influences our environment?

There are quite a few factors: population growth, the rapid development of industry and agriculture, electricity generation and transportation.  The increase in the standard of living, and with it the increase in consumption, led to a sharp increase in the amount of solid waste (about 4% -5% per year).

Governments in developed countries are making efforts to integrate solid waste management.  This is a decrease in their production, recycling, recovery and incineration, a gradual transition to waste-free technologies.

Environmental protection is a complex area that includes biology, chemistry, geography, physics, the fundamentals of law and the so-called Green Technologies.  The primary task of such technologies is to ensure energy efficiency of production.  That is, those actions that are inherently aimed at protecting the environment.  This is the optimization of resources, waste, emissions and production processes.  All this can serve the environmental and financial benefits for the company through rational and environmental solutions.

For example, wood waste can be turned into high-quality charcoal using the charcoal kiln CK-1 EKKO.  Using these installations, it is possible to combine ecologically useful activity and an additional source of income.


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