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Conservation of nature is the task of our time.

ENVIRONMENT - not only man-made material world, it is the habitat of plants, animals and millions of creatures living with us under the same sky.

Environment synthesis of the natural environment and artificially created (man-made) environment.  Industry and its products change the environment, acting directly or indirectly on all its components.  The activities of enterprises and the negative effects of production intensified in the era of the scientific and technological revolution.  At the moment, human activity has covered almost the entire geographical envelope of the Earth and has become comparable with global natural processes.

The protection of nature is a task of our time, a problem that must be solved by the whole society.  To fundamentally improve the situation, we need targeted and thoughtful actions, technologies and companies that are purposefully engaged in solving these issues.

Waste recycling companies make a significant contribution to the development of society and the economy as a whole.  Through the use of innovative technologies, a healthy environment is maintained for future generations.  The policy of such companies are initiatives aimed at reducing the harmful effects on the environment.  And their most important task is to pay attention to the impact of production activities on the environment.

All divisions of Greenpower Company set themselves tasks aimed at preserving the environment and are doing everything possible to reduce waste and recycle it.  This allows not only to save and reuse resources, but also to prevent environmental pollution.


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