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"Alternative energy" - well forgotten old

"Alternative Energy" is a series of ways to extract energy, united not only by the use of renewable sources, but also by the fact that many types of them have been used by people since time immemorial.  For example, wind energy blew the ships sails and moved the millstones millstones.  The first fire cannot be fully considered as biofuel, but briquettes made of ground straw and dried “cakes” of livestock that cattlemen heated themselves with in the winter evenings can be.  What is not a product similar to modern fuel briquettes?

 The global challenge of recent times has been the development of renewable, or green, energy.  The first reason is to protect the environment, and the second - and the exhaustion of reserves of oil, gas and coal.

 Today, traditional energy is the main source of energy for humanity.  What applies to traditional energy?  These are coal and gas thermal power plants, and CHP plants consuming fuel oil.  The greatest harm to the environment is caused by the burning of coal and fuel oil.  As a result, large amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur oxide and ash are emitted into the atmosphere, which can lead to climate change throughout the planet.  Acid rain and ash emissions also pollute our habitat.  Gas combustion to a lesser extent pollutes the atmosphere and so far provides the cheapest traditional energy, but gas reserves are limited.  They will last for about 50-60 years.


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