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"Garbage archaeology"

Household garbage, solid waste or garbage is, by definition, useless waste consumption. This science deals with complex title garbology. What is the garbage? He has a complex composition is the organic residue, waste pulp,wood, petroleum products, various metals, glass and estimates.
Interestingly, the composition of MSW is different, it depends on many factors: the climate, the welfare of the population, industry, agriculture, beautification of the village and even the time of year.
For successful recycling of household waste in developed countries develop methods to predict the formation of solid waste. They estimated the generation of waste and planned ways of their further processing. Recycling — reusing waste to obtain raw materials, energy, products and materials.
Here an important place is the presence of garbage, the so-called "Recycling", waste of production or consumption, which can be recycled after further treatment. For example, the waste of wood: twigs, chips, leaves, which can be turned into charcoal, wood pellets (pellets), wood chips and briquettes.
A certain amount of success many governments have achieved in recycling waste plastic. That path is and Ukraine. Many of our homes are containers for collecting plastic bottles. But the question of the processing and use of plastic bags is quite acute across the planet.


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