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Measures for the protection of the environment

We talk a lot about the environment. That is in essence how did we get to such a life? At this point in the concept of environmental protection includes the following measures:

• Limitation of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

• Preservation of natural systems.

• Preserve certain species of plants, birds and animals.

• Recycling.

In fact, the people engaged in waste treatment in agriculture for a long time. And only since the second half of the 20th century is considered to be one of the means of environmental protection.

Trees are useful to humans for many millennia. First as fuel, then as construction material, it made tools, weapons, furniture, packaging, artworks, paper, and a bunch more.

Firewood was the first type of fuel that heated even the most ancient people.  Now from wood by various types of processing receive: firewood, wood chips, charcoal, wood pellets and briquettes.  The latter has a higher density, which increases the efficiency of wood.  Another advantage of charcoal, wood pellets and briquettes do not have problems with humidity.  Finally, it is easier and more rational to transport such biofuel.


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