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Alternative energy is the basis for the development of Earth civilization

Energy - the basis for the development of Earth civilization.  Its condition and development affects the speed of scientific and technological progress, technological production, which in turn affects the standard of living of the population.

The types of fuel that we use for energy generation are conventionally divided into renewable and non-renewable.

Minerals such as coal, oil, natural gas, peat, oil shale, and uranium nuclear energy are classified as non-renewable sources of energy.  These traditional energy sources, when burned, emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, provoking the growth of the greenhouse effect, which leads to global warming.

Renewable energy sources include the energy of the sun, wind, water, wood, crops, etc.).  They are practically inexhaustible and do not disturb the heat balance of the Earth.

According to the world data, solar power plants are used in more than 80 countries, wind power plants are used in the USA, China, India, Denmark, where 25% of all electricity is extracted by this method.

One of the latest developments of Alternative energy is Biofuel produced from organic waste of animal or vegetable origin. The main advantages of this type of energy is its sustainability and renewability.

However, alternative sources of energy are not all types of Biofuels. For example, the ordinary firewood is also a Biofuel, but they are not an alternative source of energy. An alternative is divided into solid Biofuel (peat, wood waste, and agriculture), liquid (Biodiesel and biological fuel oil, as well as methanol, ethanol, butanol) and gaseous (hydrogen, methane, Biogas).


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