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Types of alternative energy

 Every educated person now knows that the reserves of natural resources on our planet, if not coming to an end, are far from infinite.  Reasonable humanity has been thinking for a long time about solving this problem.  And some types of alternative energy have already firmly entered our lives.  These are solar batteries and collectors, they are used where there are more sunny days in a year than overcast ones.  Wind generators are such big fans that we often see coming to a prosperous Europe.  Humanity uses the energy of water from immemorial doors from the simplest windmills to the most powerful hydroelectric power plants.  Not so long ago in the developed countries began to use the installation for the production of Biogas.  There are some minor flaws in the installations to obtain it, but specialists are working hard to eliminate them.  Recently, various plants for the processing of substandard wood for the production of charcoal, pellets and other useful things have been widely used.

We use the energy of thermal waters and the atomic nucleus, and still, we, humanity, this is not enough for our ever-increasing needs.  In addition, the prices in our bills for utilities are growing and growing.

 Scientists of all countries are working hard on new sources of alternative energy.  What do we expect from her?  The simplest things.  It is their inexhaustibility, first of all, the absence of any waste, and noise, autonomy, simple and cheap maintenance, and innovation.



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