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Unique properties of charcoal

One of the oldest production technologies in the history of mankind was the manufacture of charcoal, this was confirmed by archaeological finds.  It is a fuel that does not produce carbon monoxide.

The traditional use of charcoal was forge, for high-strength and ductile iron, charcoal was also needed.  Sorbents were made from this coal.  This fuel is environmentally friendly, as it does not contain sulfur, phosphorus, heavy metals.

Since ancient times in society there is a special technology for the production of charcoal.  It began with the development of civilization.  Application in the production of charcoal is gaining its popularity, so the goal of mankind is to make this product environmentally friendly and efficient.

Nowadays, a huge amount of charcoal is produced, and its production is about 50 million tons per year.

In ancient times, this product was mined using wood by raising the temperature.  He was going to the "fires", or people specifically sprinkled coals with ash. Charcoal was fully appreciated only in ancient times.  It consists of 100% carbon, therefore it is used in various industries: in manufacture, in the production of activated carbon, in agriculture. The use of charcoal is quite common in domestic conditions.  In foreign countries, food is prepared on the grill, using charcoal.

Unique properties

Charcoal is used for cleaning, separation, extraction of various substances, as an antiseptic, purifier, water absorber.  For example, in the production of crystalline silicon, carbon disulfide, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, activated carbon, as household fuel, in gardening, in indoor floriculture and for the production of terra preta organic fertilizer.  Registered as a food coloring agent under the code E153.  This material has unique properties that you have to study and discover in your work.


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