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Comparative analysis of charcoal kilns CK-5 EURO and CK-4 EURO

Charcoal kilns of the series CK-5 EURO and CK-4 EURO are very similar to each other and have a common operating principle, the differences between the models are in different designs of the structural elements, while the control elements (control and measuring device and automatic system of control) are virtually identical.

The main differences between CK-5 EURO and CK-4 EURO

Comparative analysis of charcoal kilns CK-3 EURO and CK-4 EURO

1. The length of the chambers of CK-4 EURO is larger than in the CK-5 EURO, this allows to load 4 trolleys into each chamber, in CK-5 EURO only three trolleys are loaded. This fact affects the productivity of the kiln.

Charcoal kiln CK-4 EURO Charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO

2. CK-5 EURO takes less space (about 2 linear meters) than CK-4 EURO thanks to the shorter lenght. Due to the fact that all operations with trolleys are conducted using the electric winch, platforms and trestle, the total occupied area for CK-5 EURO is significantly less than for CK-4 EURO.

3. The minimum set of trolleys for CK-4 EURO is 16 pieces, for CK-5 EURO - 12 pieces.

Set of trolleys for CK-4 EURO Set of trolleys for CK-3 EURO

4. The furnace chamber of CK-4 EURO has a significantly larger working volume of 2.5 mᶾ, while in the CK-5 EURO the volume of the furnace is 1.2 mᶾ. This factor makes it possible to operate CK-4 EURO on a "fuel briquette or dry wood" without the installation of the afterburner and is guarantees a short cycle and the absence of emissions.

5. The furnace chamber of CK-4 EURO is equipped with a ceramic thermocouple, that gives the possibility to perform manual and automatic control of the process more accurately, the thermocouples "at the inlet of the flame tubes into the chamber" - T7 and T8, are duplicating.

Charcoal burning complex

Detailed description of the ELEMENTS of "EURO" type charcoal kilns


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