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Comparative analysis of charcoal kilns CK-2 EURO and CK-5 EURO

All the charcoal kilns of the "EURO" series have the same operating principle, the differences between the models are in different designs of the structural elements.

Main differences of CK-2 EURO and CK-5 EURO

Comparative analysis of charcoal kilns CK-2 EURO and CK-3 EURO

1. The main elements of CK-2 EURO (furnace and drying-pyrolysis chambers), in contrast to CK-5 EURO, are separated from each other, in CK-5 EURO all the main elements are in the same construction, that:

  • Essentially saves the used workspace
  • Reduces the amount of heat loss of the main elements of the kiln
  • Reduces the amount of condensate in the pipes of pyrolysis gas

Charcoal kiln CK-2 EURO

Charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO

2. The flame tubes in CK-2 EURO are located on the side in the vertical plane, in CK-5 EURO - from below in the horizontal plane. This arrangement in the CK-2 EURO flame tubes makes the bottom the coldest place in the chamber, that causes the formation of condensate. For this purpose the bottom of the chamber has a 4 ° tilt, the drainage channel for condensate removal is made of steel and is connected to the water seal.

3. CK-2 EURO has the chimney on each drying/pyrolysis chamber i.e. in total two chimneys and one afterburning plug. CK-5 EURO has one common chimney for 2 chambers. This factor positively affects the operating conditions of the kiln, since the chimney thrust determines the length of the process, in CK-2 EURO there can be different thrust on each pipe.



4. The trolleys of CK-2 EURO and CK-5 EURO differ significantly:

  • Each camera of CK-2 EURO can be loaded with 4 trolleys, while CK-5 EURO with 3 trolleys. Total minimum number of revolving trolleys for CK-2 EURO is 16 pcs., For CK-5 EURO - 12 pcs.
  • The volume of the trolley in CK-2 EURO = 1.44 mᶾ, CK-5 EURO = 1.36 mᶾ
  • The length of the trolley in CK-2 EURO is less, and the height is more than in CK-5 EURO, this positively affects the heat distribution

The trolleys of CK-3 EURO  The trolleys of CK-2 EURO

5. Pipes for pyrolysis gas in CK-2 EURO pass through the "outdoor space", in CK-5 EURO - through a special "warm space" between the chambers and the furnace - this positively affects the formation of condensate at negative ambient temperatures.

6. The height of the working space of the camera in CK-2 EURO is much lower than in CK-5 EURO, this is due to the fact that in CK-5 EURO in the lower part there are flame tubes. This factor has no effect on the process of operation, due to the fact that all operations with trolleys are conducted using an electric winch, platforms and trestle.

Detailed description of the ELEMENTS of "EURO" type charcoal kilns


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