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Application of charcoal in industry

Nowadays charcoal is more often used in industry and other fields of national economy.

Application of charcoalCharcoal is widely used in industry as reducing agent. Due to its unique properties it began to be applied in this area in the beginning of the last century.

For example, the cast iron is produced with the use of charcoal in Brazil. This iron does not contain phosphorus and sulfur that get into it when using coal coke and the consumption of charcoal is only 0.5 tons per ton of cast iron.

Cast iron obtained with the use of charcoal is stronger and not subject to destruction.

Charcoal is widely used for smelting bronze, nickel alloys, brass, manganese and other valuable metals. 

In the electronic industry it is irreplaceable in the production of crystalline silicon and smelting siliceous alloys.

Charcoal from softwood is successfully used in instrument-making industry and printing production for grinding and polishing parts. Due to the low ash content and impurities, the charcoal is used for the production of solid lubricant, which engineering enterprise need.

Charcoal from softwood

Charcoal from alder wood has found its application in the manufacture of black powders. The carbon content of this charcoal ranges from 72 to 80 percent that leads to a high burning velocity, in contrast to charcoal from other wood species, which is ignited for a very long time.

Nowadays electric carbonic products have found the use in many industries. They are made of pure carbon materials, including charcoal. These products are used in various electrical motors, electrical machines etc.

In the plastics industry charcoal allows to replace expensive and deficient granite. Here it is used as filler of plastics.

Charcoal is made in various installations. Charcoal kilns of GreenPower Company can be considered as the most effective. These charcoal burning kilns provide high output of charcoal per unit of time and at the same time they are completely environmentally friendly, due to the complete combustion of pyrolysis gas in the furnace. Another advantage is the convenient control of temperature modes that contributes to obtaining charcoal with the desired properties.

Charcoal kiln


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