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Characteristics of the high-quality charcoal and its classification

High-quality charcoalThe distinguishing feature of the high-quality charcoal is the shiny black color slightly with a blue tint. Also on the cut, the structure of the wood is usually well preserved, and the entire surface is covered with cracks. Moreover, these cracks can even determine the time during which passed carbonization - more of them, the faster it was held. Another characteristic is a ringing sound that produces coal at impact. This kind of coal is considered high quality, it is easily ignited and generates a large amount of heat during combustion.

There are two types of charcoal, depending on the characteristics of the process of their production - black and white chaarcoal. The difference of the white charcoal is that it is carbonized initially at low temperatures, and then at the end of the production process the temperature is sharply increased to 1000°C. After that, the red-hot wood is extracted from the kiln and in order to cool it down, it is covered with a mixture of earth, ash and sand. It is this mixture that provides the surface of the coal with a white color. In addition, unlike black, white charcoal does not have a bark, as it is burned out during the carbonization process, and its surface is hard and smooth. In Japan, white charcoal is burnt mainly out of iron or stone oak. It is considered the best charcoal due to the fact that it is very hard and burns for a long time.

White charcoal

Also, charcoal can be classified according to the type of wood from which it is made - charcoal from mixed hardwood and hardwood species. The second species are more preferable.

Depending on the size of pieces, charcoal can be divided into small (6-12 mm) and large (more than 25 mm). In accordance with GOST, the highest grade (A) and the first (B).



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