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The application of Biochar in the agricultural industry

Biochar in the agricultural industryThe application of Biochar in the agricultural industry is gaining new momentum every year. More and more attention has been paid by entrepreneurs of the agricultural industry to restoration of the composition of the soil, and they are seeking for safe solutions of the problem of its depletion.

Biochar is a high-quality fertilizer that:

  • neutralizes the soil with a high acidity;
  • prevents the appearance of pests;
  • prevents the development of purulent processes;
  • is antiparasitic and an antibacterial agent;
  • contributes to the functioning of soil microorganisms that have a positive impact on prolificness;
  • provides accelerated growth and development of plants, as the soil is constantly warms up.
  • removes from the soil residues of chemicals (pesticides, herbicides and other toxic chemicals);improves the composition of infertile alumina or sandy soils;
  • gives the soil porosity, thereby allowing plant roots access to oxygen and air circulation;
  • preserves and maintains the saturation of soils with essential trace elements and nutrients, and also eliminates the problem of their washing-out.

The use of Biochar for soil improvement is a promising commercial direction in the growing the greenhouse seedlings and ornamental plants. In South America, farmers remove the top layer of terra preta (20 cm) and sell it in the flower market. As the soil has a regenerative ability, the risk of economic damage is completely eliminated.


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