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How to choose charcoal for the grill

It is well-known fact that the taste of food cooked on the grill not only depends on various seasonings and marinades, but also on the type of used firewood or charcoal.

Today there is a wide variety of charcoal from different species of trees, both in the form of briquettes and in loose form, packaged in paper or plastic bags.

Charcoal for the grill

Birch charcoal is the most popular. It has low cost, is easily ignited and has a pleasant smell. Oak charcoal will be a good choice for large companies and cafes, as it is more heavy and dense and therefore burns longer than other charcoal.

Charcoal from softwood is cheaper, but it worse keeps the heat and because of the large amount of resin can give the dish an unpleasant and bitter taste.


It is better to use charcoal briquettes in restaurants for cooking on the grill. This type of fuel is environmentally friendly, burns much longer than charcoal from firewood and provides the optimum burning and decay maintaining a constant temperature. Cooking is faster and better. Another important advantage is the lack of foreign smell and smoke.

Charcoal briquettes

To achieve and maintain optimal temperature it is important to properly ignite the charcoals. Choosing lighter fluid, it is important to pay attention to its composition. The correct lighter liquid is produced from liquid paraffin. The presence of alcohol and gasoline is impermissible and can be dangerous to health.


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