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5 unusual ways to use charcoal in the home

The charcoal is often perceived as an indispensable tool mainly in those situations when you need to build a fire in the fireplace, to fry a shish kebab on the grill or cook meat on the grill. However, there are much more different ways to use charcoal even in everyday life. We want to present to Your attention five of the most interesting of them:

Charcoal in use

1. Removes excess moisture

If you have a high level of humidity at home all the time and you do not know how to deal with it, there are leaks on the ceiling, walls or on the floor, and as a consequence, the wallpapers are getting unstuck, then simple ventilation will not be enough.

It is quite difficult to get rid of the unpleasant smell of dampness in enclosed spaces, such as bathrooms, toilets and basements. It is in these places mold appears most often.

Cope with this problem is possible with the help of ordinary charcoal. The first thing to do is to clean the surface using bleach, soda or vinegar, and then put a container of coal next to it. Thanks to this simple method, you will forget about mold once and for all.


2. Is an indispensable assistant in the garden

The wood charcoal is a versatile tool in the garden and has various ways of application.

If the fertilizer or compost has begun to exude the smell of ammonia, then it should be mixed with coal, and this problem will be solved.

Moreover, if you sprinkle flowerbeds and the ground around trees with the charcoal, you will provide the plants with moisture in sufficient quantity and get rid of weeds.

In addition, charcoal can also prolong the life of your houseplants. To do this you just need to put a small piece of the charcoal to the bottom of the pot or vase, cover it with earth or water, and then plant or place flowers. This method is recommended for use in the care of orchids as they are very sensitive and delicate plants. The charcoal will provide them with a supportive environment.

3. Water purifier

Charcoal is a unique water purifier due to its ability to catch various pollutants such as pesticides, industrial waste and various chemicals in the water. Its use is recommended especially in those houses where the quality of the water does not meet the requirements.

Moreover, coal can be used for purification of water from rivers and streams in the campaigns. However, it should be remembered that it does not kill viruses and bacteria, and does not wash away the minerals.

Charcoal as water purifier

4. Assists in the care of furniture

If there is a furniture or floors made of dark wood in your house, then you probably know that sometimes it is quite difficult to get rid of spots on them. In this you will also benefit from charcoal. Just rub the place where the spot appeared with a piece of the charcoal, and in most cases this will save you from the problem.

5. Removes odors

In a fridge, basket for dirty laundry appeared an unpleasant smell, or the trash began to spread it? Use charcoal! It absorbs all the smells, including rather persistent and strong.

To do this, simply place a small amount of the charcoal in a bowl or pouch and leave it in the place where smells have appeared.


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