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Modern equipment for charcoal production

Today, there are several types of equipment designed for the charcoal production using the method of wood pyrolysis – thermal decomposition of wood without oxygen. Some machines were popular previously, but currently they are not used. Others continue to work.

Woodworking and logging waste

At this stage there is the possibility to produce charcoal installations, based on the acquired knowledge and the experience gained by many generations, not developing new technologies. It is also possible to take into account the wishes of the customer, the characteristics of demand, types of raw materials, its composition and amount. The most cost effective types of charcoal equipment are those that can be used for processing of different wood waste on the territory of the enterprises of logging and woodworking industries.

The main requirements for such equipment are:

  • The combustion of liquid pyrolysis products in the absence of the need to use them.
  • The productivity of the equipment should correspond to the amount of waste used as a raw material by the enterprises. In this case there are no costs for transportation of raw materials.
  • The design reliability and mobility of installation play an important role in case of moving logging sites. 
  • Environmental safety of equipment. This criterion is necessary in order to minimize environmental pollution.
  • The ease of use. Compliance with the existing norms of labor protection and fire safety.

For a long period of time charcoal burning was an environmentally dangerous activity. Considering that the demand for this type of fuel is constantly growing, the issue of environmental pollution has moved into first place. Also the demand for products, in the manufacture of which charcoal is used, has increased significantly. For a long time the charcoal has been obtained by primitive methods using pits and barrels.

Primitive charcoal production

Later special kilns were developed, but they demanded a large consumption of raw materials and labor costs. At the same time, a large amount of emissions released to the atmosphere during operation. Another disadvantage was the lack of insulation that was a violation of safety standards of maintenance staff and endangered their health and lives.

In 2009, the company GreenPower developed mobile environmentally friendly charcoal kiln designed to carry out simultaneously the processes of drying, pyrolysis and calcination of charcoal. The pyrolysis gases formed during the decomposition of wood are burned inside the furnace chamber and the obtained heat is used to maintain the process. This significantly reduces the consumption of firewood. 

This installation is capable of processing not only wood raw material, but also different agricultural waste. Also fuel briquettes can be used as raw materials that allows to obtain high-quality charcoal with high carbon content.

Charcoal kiln CK-4 EURO by GreenPower


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