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Classification and selection of charcoal kilns

The installations (kilns) for charcoal production can be classified by several types. We would like to offer to study the article which will help to chose the right charcoal burning kiln.

By capture of liquid products:

  1. with partial capture
  2. with capture
  3. with burning of steam-gas mixture
  4. without capture

By combination with other operations:

  1. drying, pyrolysis, cooling
  2. drying and pyrolysis
  3. pyrolysis and charcoal cooling
  4. only pyrolysis
  5. combination with carbon activation

By method of heat supply:

  1. with internal heat carrier
  2. through the wall

By mode of raw material transfer:

  1. motionless
  2. in trolleys
  3. due to the workspace movement or pushing machine
  4. in withdrawing devices
  5. by gravity

By  material:

  1. steel (retorts)
  2. brick (kilns)
  3. concrete and other materials

By mode of operation:

  1. semicontinuous
  2. continuous
  3. periodic

By portability:

  1. movable
  2. dismountable
  3. stationary

By orientation:

  1. vertical
  2. horizontal
  3. inclined

The next factors should be noticed when choosing the charcoal-burning installation:

  1. will the installation work stationary
  2. how close is the dwelling zone situated
  3. is there an electricity on the working area
  4. provision with raw material and distance from the raw material base

retort furnace

To provide high output of charcoal from 1 m3 of wood it is very important to control the process of charcoal production. Steams tear the wood during intensive drying at the high temperature. Charcoal becomes law-quality, frail and cracked. Under high-speed wood pyrolysis charcoal output is 30-50% less than under long time staying in the hot zone.

In consideration of abovementioned factors of production up-to-date charcoal-burning kiln should possess next properties:

  1. ecological compatibility
  2. moderate price    
  3. transportability
  4. technological effectiveness
  5. control under the process
  6. high efficiency

These tasks were set and implemented by the specialists of our company for production of CK “EURO” type charcoal kilns. The kilns are unique and don’t have analogs in the world. Its efficiency is up to 40 t/month.

Charcoal kiln CK EURO

Classification of CK “EURO” type charcoal burning kilns

  • By capture of liquid products: with burning of steam-gas mixture;
  • By orientation: horizontal.
  • By combination with other operations: drying and pyrolysis;
  • By method of heat supply: through the wall;
  • By method raw material transfer: in trolleys;
  • By material: brick, other mixtures and metal;
  • By mode of operation: continuous;
  • By portability: dismountable;

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