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Benefits of Biochar

As part of product in agricultural fertilisation and improvement of soil quality the biochar can significantly contribute to the sustainable development of arid, infertile soils that lack nutrients. Moreover, the biochar is able to bond CO2 into soil for very long time and thus contribute to the decrease of greenhouse gas volume in the atmosphere.

biocharSpecific features of biochar make it an important candidate for utilisation in agriculture, for the purpose of improving the quality of soils that lack humus and nutrients. Biomass from waste is processed into the high-quality organic means for increasing the soil fertility. High porousness of biochar along with its additional special features causes increased retention of nutrients and humidity in the soil. Laboratory tests as well as direct agricultural applications demonstrated significant increase of plant growth even with lower water consumption after the use of biochar. 

Application of biochar into soil also improves biological processes and its long-term fertility. In addition to demonstrable improvement of agricultural and economic parameters biochar also serves as a simple and effective instrument for CO2 depositing.

Application of biochar into soil

Main Benefits of biochar:

  • CO2-negative process – greenhouse gas is removed from the atmosphere in a simple way and for a long period
  • Stable product with exceptional storing and transportation parameters
  • Does not contain toxic materials and heavy metals
  • High porousness and other specific characteristics retain higher degree of nutrients and water in the soil   
  • Laboratory-tested as well as practically confirmed growth of plants along with decreased water consumption
  • Improvement of biological processes in the soil and long-term increase of soil fertility
  • Decreased use of artificial fertilisers

Biochar application


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