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Production of coconut shell charcoal

Coconut shells are important raw materials widely used for obtaining charcoal in the world, basically in the developing countries such as Indonesia, India, Malaysia. Coconut shell charcoal is used in many areas because of its advantages and important characteristics. Moreover, coconut shell charcoal could be powdered and used for producing granular activated carbon. Due to pleasant smell, coconut charcoal is recognized as one of the best fuels for cooking.

coconut shellThere are many methods of coconut charcoal making, but the most cost-effective method is production by special charcoal kiln using process of pyrolysis  which involves burning coconut shells in a limited supply of oxygen. It is important to know that oxygen could destroy shells if the air will not be limited.  It should be used clean, fully dried and mature shells in order to get high quality charcoal.

The processing of coconut shell charcoal briquettes includes the carbonization of the coconut shells first and then crushing it to the powder, allowing to manufacture different shape and size charcoal briquettes.

For this purpose, the charcoal kiln and the charcoal powder-making machine are used. The kiln should maintain the temperature of 200 - 500 °C.

There are some advantages of using coconut shell charcoal briquettes. First of all, it is completely eco-friendly product, which is made from sustainable natural resources. The ash content of the coconut shells is around 0.6% and the lignin is about 36.5%, what helps to turn the shell into briquettes easily. As a result, less ash is produced to the environment during burning. In addition, these briquettes are very safe to use and easy to inflame. The coconut charcoal briquettes do not emit any toxic gases, so it is safe to use it for outdoor cooking as well. In general, because of its high level of calorific value the briquettes can be used in food and metallurgy industries, as fuel etc.

Coconut charcoal briquettes

So, coconut shells are good raw materials to produce coconut shell charcoal. The process of converting shells to charcoal includes removing all the moisture from the raw material in a limited supply of air. It requires a special charcoal kiln to carbonize the coconut shells and produce high quality charcoal. The coconut shell charcoal is widely used in food and metallurgy industries. It is also an excellent raw material source to manufacture activated carbon etc.

Coconut shell charcoal


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