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Festive aftertaste.

So the holidays are over.  Long and fun.  And as a memory of them, our yards "decorate" discarded and no longer needed trees.  The picture is sad and a little romantic.  But nowadays, the issue of disposal of used trees can be approached more pragmatically, that is, with benefits. 

Our habits kill us ...

This is a fairly broad topic, but now we will talk about our habits in relation to the garbage and the cleanliness of our streets, yards and porches.  It's time, it's time to change our habits, thereby removing the numerous trash that accompanies us from our own apartment to public transport.

Plastic recycling by pyrolysis

The amount of plastic in our trash bins every day becomes more and more.  Therefore, the issue of its processing is one of the most important.  Recycling of plastic packaging is one of the sought-after areas in the fight against growing garbage landfills.  In recent years, the number of goods sold in plastic packaging has increased several times. 

How to sort garbage correctly?

Now, in the courtyards of our country, as a rule, there are ordinary garbage containers where residents throw mixed waste.  In this form, they are sent to landfills near the city or village.  There are, of course, processing plants, but there are few of them and preliminary sorting is necessary for them.  Soon we will do it in Kharkov. 

Environmentally friendly equipment for processing MSW

 The word "garbage" has a broader meaning than the frequently used concept of "waste."  An even more accurate name is municipal solid waste (MSW), abbreviated.  It includes items and goods unsuitable for further use.

Methods and technologies for the processing of municipal solid waste.

For a long time garbage collection at landfills was the only way to get rid of it.  We didn’t even wonder what happens to this very garbage after it gets there.  Now from TV screens and from monitors, we are learning more and more about environmental issues and environmental protection.

The planet is choking under the yoke of garbage

A radical solution to the problem of recycling was overdue a long time ago.  The planet suffocates under the yoke of organic and chemical debris that does not rot and is able to pollute the environment for years.

Yellow List, Green List, Hazardous Properties List

Yellow List, Green List, Hazardous Properties List, and controls on the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes. Until recently, all domestic and industrial waste was taken to landfills, now garbage dumps have long exceeded their capacity.  Therefore, the question of the classification of waste for the purpose of their further processing and recycling was so acute.

Ğ¢his year a garbage processing plant will start operating in Kharkov

Excellent New Year's news - this year a garbage processing plant will start operating in Kharkov.  With the growth of the welfare of the population, and with it the consumption, the level of pollution in the large cities of Ukraine has risen sharply.  Each resident of our city throws about four hundred pounds of garbage a year.  More than a third of all household waste that we ship to garbage cans and not only belongs to valuable resources and is recyclable.

Waste types

Common to all types of waste is the impossibility of their use without additional treatment or recycling.  As a rule, these are objects or substances that are formed as a result of human activity.  Waste is divided into the following types: industrial, military, household (MSW), biological and man-made.  As: solid, liquid and gaseous, as well as the degree of threat to humans and the environment: from extremely dangerous to almost non-dangerous.


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