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Yellow List, Green List, Hazardous Properties List

Yellow List, Green List, Hazardous Properties List, and controls on the transboundary movement of hazardous wastes. Until recently, all domestic and industrial waste was taken to landfills, now garbage dumps have long exceeded their capacity.  Therefore, the question of the classification of waste for the purpose of their further processing and recycling was so acute.

Тhis year a garbage processing plant will start operating in Kharkov

Excellent New Year's news - this year a garbage processing plant will start operating in Kharkov.  With the growth of the welfare of the population, and with it the consumption, the level of pollution in the large cities of Ukraine has risen sharply.  Each resident of our city throws about four hundred pounds of garbage a year.  More than a third of all household waste that we ship to garbage cans and not only belongs to valuable resources and is recyclable.

Waste types

Common to all types of waste is the impossibility of their use without additional treatment or recycling.  As a rule, these are objects or substances that are formed as a result of human activity.  Waste is divided into the following types: industrial, military, household (MSW), biological and man-made.  As: solid, liquid and gaseous, as well as the degree of threat to humans and the environment: from extremely dangerous to almost non-dangerous.

Tire recycling by low-temperature pyrolysis

In our dynamic world, the number of cars is growing.  And although now many are talking about switching to alternative fuels, electric cars already have a number of advantages.  Indisputable is the fact that all cars have tires. 

Firewood or charcoal?

I propose to put the issue up for discussion. Which is better for cooking on the grill: conventional wood or charcoal? And I can see now many will say is firewood and only firewood from them, they say, and smell another, and generally cleaner. However, charcoal is ever stronger part of our lives. 

Benefits of Charcoal

 Charcoal is an environmentally friendly fuel, as it does not contain sulfur, phosphorus, heavy metals and does not produce carbon monoxide.  Worldwide, it produces more than 9000000 tons per year, and the main production is in Brazil - about 7.5 million tons.  The raw materials used are hardwood trees, softwood waste and bushes. 


Pellets are considered to be environmentally clean fuels and produce them learned from different kinds of vegetable waste. Consider their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of wood chips is the availability, low cost manufacturing, low ash content when burning. Its main drawback is the humidity, which reduces its calorific value, low bulk density, and on the cold wet chips corsets a solid mass, you want to make it too small. 


And so, what is the fuel briquette PINI-KEY, which in common people is often called eurodromes?  EVRODROVA is essentially an analogue of chopped firewood.  They are suitable for any solid fuel boilers, fireplaces and stoves.

A little pre-holiday mood

December is a beautiful month.  People and nature, all in anticipation of the holidays.  Soon, December 19 is the first holiday - St. Nicholas Day.  Children, of course, are waiting for him especially, but this holiday can be wonderful and fun for the whole family.  Fresh winter air, friendly family, guests and a bonfire - this is a memorable evening on the first winter holiday.

Equipment for producing Pini-Kay briquettes

Сharcoal production is the process of wood burning, a feature of which is that the access of oxygen must be completely blocked.


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