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Launch of the first charcoal kiln of the series CK-4 EURO in the territory of the EU (Bulgaria)

In July 2017, on the territory of the EU, in Bulgaria, specialists of GreenPower Company put into operation the first charcoal kiln of the CK-4 EURO series.

GreenPower Company resumes series production of the charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO

We are pleased to announce the return of the modernized and improved model of the charcoal kiln CK-3 EURO to series production after a year break!

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GreenPower is a company that develops and manufactures environmentally friendly charcoal kilns and equipment for waste processing. Our products have been presented on the world market for more than 15 years. The developments of the company are used for processing and recycling of various kinds of waste of the plant origin, as well as chemical and municipal solid waste.

The company produces the following types of equipment: charcoal kilns; equipment for production of Pini-Kay briquettes; equipment for gas cleaning, for the processing of tires, rubber waste and polymers, as well as for thermal catalytic neutralization of municipal solid waste.

We pay great attention to the development of charcoal technologies and always try to keep up with the times, constantly improving our products.

The GreenPower Company has approved itself in different parts of the world
and continues to expand the geography of sales!


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